Kim – Owner, Coach, Consultant

Over the past 15 years, I held various roles:

  • a geologist in the PermianSUN_6319
  • a manager of geoscience application and training
  • a manager of geoscience, engineering and land development
  • knowledge management advisor

In these roles, I was able to

  • Implement Communities of Practice, utilizing Office 365, to enhance and facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Implement Technical Webinars to increase knowledge sharing and knowledge retention
  • Worked with our IT and Legal Departments to implement Office365; offered best practices for the organization for content and knowledge management
  • Create a competency-based training program for our Geoscience, Engineering and Land groups that was targeted to ensure development of our technical staff and to centralize spending on training; also advised on competency-based training for our Planning and Supply Chain groups
  • Implement and improve workflows, thus reducing time spent on inefficient processes; this included training on these workflows
  • Create a project management system, using Microsoft Access, to track projects worked by our team to improve reporting to management


Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information.